• Devi Chai concentrate - A spicy 11 to 1 liquid chai concentrate for wholesale and retail.
  • Maya Chai Original - A sweet & spicy 11 to 1 liquid chai concentrate for wholesale and retail.

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SoHo Cafe and Gallery, Carmel IN - Testimonial for Maya Chai concentrate

SoHo Cafe & Gallery Carmel, IN

"SoHo Cafe & Gallery prides itself in serving only premium quality beverages, so imagine our delight when we sampled the Maya Chai concentrates. A perfect alternative to our premium espresso drinks, your chai concentrates boast a perfect blend of exotic teas and spices that satisfy both our discerning customers as well as our budget. We love all the Maya teas we've tried, but the chai concentrates continue to be among our top sellers!" ~ Vivian Lawhead, SoHo Cafe & Gallery, Carmel, IN

The Coffee Spot at El Rancho Market, Solvang CA - Testimonial for Maya Chai concentrate

The Coffee Spot at El Rancho Market Solvang, CA

"The Maya Chai Concentrate is a true masala chai flavor, with just the right level of sweetness. The dosing pump makes it very user-friendly, and we love that it frees up space by not needing to be refrigerated. It was an instant hit at our busy coffee bar." ~ Meg Hayes, The Coffee Spot at El Rancho Market, Solvang, CA

Ikes Coffee and Tea, Tucson AZ - Testimonial for Maya Chai concentrate

Ikes Coffee & Tea, Tucson International Airport

"I would like to thank you so much for introducing our company to Devi Chai tea. The product tastes amazing and the Oregon Chai tea that we were purchasing from another vendor doesn't stand a chance against it. Besides the amazing taste of the Devi Chai tea, our company is saving close to $600 a month by using your concentrated product instead of the ready-to-use Oregon Chai tea. Our regular customers have noticed the difference and have had nothing but great things to say." ~ Jennifer DeLuca, Ikes Coffee & Tea, Tucson International Airport

Seven Cups Coffee Cafe, Maricopa AZ - Testimonial for Maya Chai Concentrate

Seven Cups Coffee Cafe Maricopa, AZ

"Every single customer that has tried our Maya Chai has loved it and comes back for more. Having Maya Chai on our menu has attracted other customers to our coffee shop by word of mouth of those who have tried it. My customers not only like our Maya Chai, they are hooked on it the instant they try it." ~ Ali Hajaig, Seven Cups Coffee Cafe, Maricopa, AZ

Lell's Cafe, Rock Hill SC - Testimonial for Maya Chai concentrate

Lell’s Cafe Rock Hill, SC

"Maya Chai was the hands-down first choice of every barista and customer when we opened the cafe 6 months ago. A former work partner fell in love with Maya Tea Company and all their products and suggested we try some samples. As an espresso purist, I was skeptical about her suggestion to try a Dirty Chai with our Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso... one sip and I was a total convert! Out of town customers leave with a bottle of Maya Chai to take home and locals make sure they have a supply for Sundays when we are not open." ~ Lell Trogdon, Lell's Cafe, Rock Hill, SC

About Maya Chai

Maya Chai bollywood-style ad. She wanted him to be a doctor... he made chai instead.

Chai. It’s what made us.

Fifteen years ago, the word “chai” didn’t mean much to the average American. Now it is a household term, and our nation has become addicted to the rich Indian drink. Chai lattés are one of the most-ordered items at coffeehouses. It is now the top tea addition in foods; there are as many chai-flavored ice creams on the market as there are green tea ice creams, and chai is a mouth-watering addition to breads, pancakes, cookies, oatmeal and even tiramisu. It is one of the most sought-after flavors on the market—probably because it consists of so many distinct and delicious individual ingredients.

Typical chai masala (masala describes the blend of spices that accompanies black tea) includes ginger, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. In addition to those four spices, many chai variations include ingredients like vanilla, saffron, coriander, black pepper, and anise for a unique version of a traditional drink. It was a combination of spices like these that filled the nostrils of a young Manish Shah in his family’s kitchen. The recipe was his mother’s, a piece of her native country that she brought along as she immigrated with her young family to America, a flavor that enveloped and comforted Manish as he grew.

As a man, Manish determined to make his family’s chai available to all people. This was about fifteen years ago, at that time when “chai” was foreign to Americans. He began to package and sell it at local farmers’ markets for at-home use, but it soon became clear that chai would have to enter the hearts of his community though the doors of coffeehouses. Manish began formulating a version of his chai for use commercially—it would have to be easy and quick to prepare, without compromising any of the virtues of his mother’s original recipe.

After many months of formulation, Manish created a concentrated version of his chai which he christened “Maya” after the first letters of his and his brother’s first names. Today, Maya Chai comes in two varieties, the Original recipe and the spicier, less sweet Devi formula. Other variations are on the horizon, including a caffeine- and sugar-free version. To this day, Manish fights to be ensure that anyone and everyone can enjoy the drink that carried him from boyhood to business.

Chai. It’s what made us. It’s what we do best.

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